Terms of Reference


In product photography, the total costs are always calculated according to the particular characteristics of the project, such the film used, as well as its complexity.
In this case, our prices are for product photography. They are based on the actual effort involved and break down as follows:

– Base price (includes set-up time for setting up lights and tripods as well as travelling time)
– Shooting time
– Basic image editing

We set up your products in front of a neutral background in our photo studio and use modern camera technology. You will then see the images in their original resolution. In addition, we optimize the images so that they have the desired size for web use.

Basic photo editing

As part of basic image processing, we remove dust and correct any minor errors. We undertake a careful retouching of each photograph before their delivery to the customers. We also check colour and brightness to ensure natural colours and optimal exposure. In addition, we professionally remove interference such as lint or scratches from your photos.

For product photography, we place your product in front of a white background, using standard perspective and lighting. The photos will then be handed over in both full and web resolutions.

Advanced Editing: Close-cropping

Close-cropping refers to taking a very high quality product image, which is photographed on a white background and then released from the interfering background. We will also deliver your close-cropped images in full-and web-resolution.